Fun Winter Maternity Photo Shoot

We were so lucky to have a fresh batch of snow for this adorable family’s maternity session.  We started out with some in studio photos and then went out to the woods for winter fun!   

Maternity Photography Calgary 1.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 2.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 4.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 5.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 3.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 9.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 8 copy.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 7.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 6.jpg

Keeyanna - Calgary Newborn Photography

Every so often a baby comes into the studio who is just a perfect little angle to work with.   Keeyanna was definitely one of those babies.  She was so incredibly gorgeous and sleepy!  Here are some favourites of mine from her newborn photo shoot.

Calgary Newborn Photography copy.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer.jpg

Arya - Calgary Newborn Photography

 Finally a new blog post!  I’ve been so busy trying to keep up that I haven’t had time to update my blog.  But I know its important for all of you to see my recent work so I promise that I will try to post more often.  Here are some favourite shots from little Arya’s newborn photo shoot.  What a sweetie pie!  She definitely already loves her mom and dad so much already - she couldn’t stop smiling when they were holding her for their mother and father poses.  It was way too sweet, and I’m so glad I was able to capture it for them.

Calgary Newborn Photography q.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography p.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography r.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography M.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography O.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography N.jpg

Family Maternity Session - Calgary Maternity Photography

I had a lovely time getting to know this very sweet family during their family/maternity session.  I am looking forward to their newborn session that should be coming up pretty soon! 

Calgary Maternity Photography01.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photography03.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photography02.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photography05.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photography04.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photography06.jpg

Sweet Little Adam - Newborn Photography

 Adam was one of the sweetest, most easy going babies I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.  I had such a wonderful time with him and his family for their newborn photo shoot.

Calgary Newborn Photography 02.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 03.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 04.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 08.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 05.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 06.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 07.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photography 09.jpg


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