Emily - Calgary Newborn Photography

This beautiful little girl was so sweet!  Seriously one of the most precious and snuggly little babies I have worked with.   I had a wonderful time getting to know her and her amazing parents during their newborn sessoin.  

Newborn Photography Calgary 2.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 7.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 8.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 9.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 1.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 3.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 6.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 5.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 4.jpg

March Maternity Session - Calgary Maternity Photographer

I’m so excited for this super sweet couple who are expecting their first baby very soon.  Here are a few favourites from their maternity session.

Calgary Maternity Photographer 10.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 11.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 12.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 14.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 13.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 18.jpg

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Calgary Maternity Photographer 16.jpg

Calgary Maternity Photographer 15.jpg

Jake - Newborn Photography in Calgary

When Jake’s older sister Marin was born, I took her newborn photos as well.  So I was so thrilled when her parents asked me to photograph Jake!   One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to know my clients and seeing their families grow.  

Newborn Photography Calgary 04.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 03.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 02.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 06.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 05.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 08.jpg

Newborn Photography Calgary 07.jpg

Dylan - Calgary Newborn Photography

What a sweet little guy! It was an absolute pleasure to take Dylan’s newborn photos.  Here he is at 12 days old.  

Calgary Newborn Photographer 4.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 3.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 1.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 2.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 11.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 12.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 5.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 7.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 10.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 9.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 6.jpg

Calgary Newborn Photographer 8.jpg

Fun Winter Maternity Photo Shoot

We were so lucky to have a fresh batch of snow for this adorable family’s maternity session.  We started out with some in studio photos and then went out to the woods for winter fun!   

Maternity Photography Calgary 1.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 2.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 4.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 5.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 3.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 9.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 8 copy.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 7.jpg

Maternity Photography Calgary 6.jpg


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